The deceased wears a new suit that he will wear on the day of the new resurrection when Jesus Christ returns. Participants place flowers in the coffin, light a candle to illuminate his travel through the darkness of death, and say "Dumnezeu să-l ierte!" or "God forgives him." The family puts a cross and an icon of the Virgin Mary and baby Jesus in the coffin to symoblize the deceased giving his soul to Christ.


The widow mourns over the body of her late husband. Below, the pall bearers, also wearing ştergar, prepare to move the coffin outside for a ceremony. Traditionally the body was kept three days in the house for vigils and other ceremonies, but the law today prohibits keeping corpses in the house and these ceremonies normally take place in a funeral home. However, for some reason, this funeral follows tradition and is being held in the house of the deceased.



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