An observation: the Japanese may seem shy, but give them an appropriate environment for expressing themselves and they will quickly adapt to it. Example: later on this evening at the Sapporo Beer Hall, my colleagues and I organized a staggering conga line through the restaurant. One of the Japanese patrons looked very eager to try with us, so I grabbed him by the shoulders and threw him in the line. Once the rest of the people saw him with the group of foreigners doing the conga, they all wanted to do it and raised their hands as I passed.
In the same way, the makers of this video game have created an environment where it is permissible to dance in public, either alone or with a partner, and they do it with as much fervor as the several people I threw into that conga line.
Another interesting thing about the Dance Dance Revolution fad is that it not only appeals to teenagers, but also a slightly older crowd such as these two people here. And yet, it isn't exactly the dirty little secret places you have been waiting for, eh?

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