The outdoor setting of this market may be ideal for dead fish, but less so for human beings. Kerosene heaters turned high do their best, and the vendors crowd around them at break time. This man is not only warming himself but is using the top of the heater, covered by a metal plate, to cook his lunch. How charming, I thought, I must take a photo. I asked him if I could, and in another example of the friendly Sapporo character, he immediately said "Sure." Usually it takes some cajoling and a few answers as to what I am going to do with the photos before they give the okay.
After taking the pic, he struck up a conversation with me and even gave me a tiny little morsel of squid. Though it was not substantial enough to make an impression, I told him how delicious it was. A woman at the neighboring heater, with a more generous heart, saw how chintzy this man was and called me over. She handed me a monolithic piece of squid, drowning in soy sauce and ginger, and oh, was it delicious!
Friendly indeed, these Sapporo people, thought the lone cameraman...

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