Assignment Kunming

Wired World, 15 of 20
Should this be Wired World or Unwired World? Mobiles are gaining momentum, though they have not reached anywhere near the market saturation as in Japan and South Korea where every teenager has a handy phone.

As Chinese telecoms wake up and foreign investment rules relax, there will no doubt be more of these symbols of busy people and lonely souls not wanting to be alone. And of course, there will probably be a movement towards silencing these conspicuous devices in restaurants, movie theaters and other public places. Japan is legislating that some areas must be mobile-free, and signs are posted in many places asking people to refrain from using their phones.

China is catching up fast--I saw signs and billboards touting the new Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) technology. They ought to consider printing up some of those mobile-free signs right now to get a head start.

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