Assignment Kunming

Music Man, 3 of 20
This gentle old soul seems to while away the time by wandering around the Stone Forest in his rope tunic and straw hat. I and a travelling partner encountered him on this almost subterranean path through the grounds.

He announced his presence even before we could see him--strapped beneath his coarse cloak is a portable tape player secreting tinny sounds of some traditional song.

Perhaps it was his tunic or his features or the whistful look in his eyes, but I had a vision of this man as a general trying to musically rally his troops for one last battle.

Aside from the hallucination, this was a tough shot to take--the light was low and even with a 50mm f/1.8 lens shot wide open, my shutter speed was about 1/4 second. A tip: tuck in the elbows, hold your breath and gently push the release.

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