Assignment Kunming

Faux-Down, 4 of 20
There seems to be two disparate groups of people haunting the Stone Forest: the people of minority groups who sell their goods and clean the grounds, and the Chinese tourists enjoying their holiday.

The staff of the park often have a demure, depressed feel about them, as if they are quietly watching a procession of merry ghosts float in and away again.

These tourists, probably from Beijing or Shanghai or another Chinese metropolis, are making the most of their vacation. Presumably, they are pensioners who have worked for a state-owned enterprise and are now taking a group tour to maximize the small amount of money they get from the government. Their tour guide, armed with a bullhorn, leads them through the paths and up and down the rock stairs to this open clearing for a short break. The guide then teaches them a desultory native dance, and they mimic the steps heartily in what I call a good ol' fashioned faux-down.

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