Assignment Kunming

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Kunming as a vacation getaway has much to offer. There is little in the way of heavy industry, so the air is clean. The city streets are immaculate, kept shining by a steady crew of sweepers and uncluttered due to trash bins every 20 meters or so on the sidewalks.

These and other factors contribute to a steady stream of tourist buses pulling up at hotels at all hours. Some residents of Kunming line up in front of the hotels to get an early chance at selling their wares to the new arrivals, as this man selling posters is doing.

This shot is almost an accident. I had been shooting some ISO400 black and white film while in the city and when I snapped this quick shot on aperture priority, I thought my shutter could sufficiently freeze the action. However, I was loaded with ISO100 color slide film and the shutter snapped for about 1/2 second, resulting in this interesting blur.

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